Birthday on a budget!

My year has, now, officially begun, compliments to all of you! I celebrated my birthday from the 1st of February until 11th, yep, I am an Aquarius baby. I always take advantage of the fact that my birthday is at the beginning of the year, because whenever I fail at any resolution, I can say; “Oh well, I’ll officially start after my birthday.”

Although being born at this time of the year is fantastic, it can also be stressful because I am always still recovering from December’s festivities and after the feasts we hosted back home, I had close to no budget for a massive birthday. So, I want to share with you how I celebrated my birthday in the cheapest way possible.



On the weekend of the 1st, I hosted a few friends here at home for some tripe and samp – a meal that cost me R100 and could serve ten people.



Then, on the day of my actual birthday, which was the 5th of February, I made my way to Duke’s Burgers in Greenside and had some finger foods with wine. The meal cost me and my cousin about R350. The spot is absolutely nice and cosy with some Jazz music – and I could totally see myself having romantic date nights there during the week.



And then, for the final Get together on the 10th, we baked muffins from home which served as desert with strawberry jam as a topping.

My starter was simple; an old school pasta and tuna salad (with Mayonnaise). I added pieces of viennas, tomato, mixed herbs and peppers. Light enough to keep my guests’ stomachs intact until we served the main course. We grilled beef, we cooked tripe, pap and steam bread. So people had the option to choose whatever meat and starch of their choice.



Our homemade cocktails were devine! It was blended Watermelon, Russian Bear, Berries flavoured juice and ground ginger. The ginger definitely added a twist to the taste. I must say, the cocktail was a little thick, so I’d suggest you add little Watermelon and more juice for a thinner version.

So, there is absolutely no excuse not to have a fantastic birthday – the food served a total of ten to twelve guests who couldn’t stop eating, compliments to the chefs! We didn’t even cook the next day because there were plenty of leftovers, and all the food on the day cost me just under R1K.