Paper submitted for book without knowledge or consent of co-authors

Paper submitted for book without knowledge or consent of co-authors

Case Sound:

Articles ended up being submitted by matching writer (CA) on 19 December 2011. After several revisions the content had been accepted for book on 23 March 2012. This article had been posted online 8 May 2012.<br A(also head associated with research group) contacted the publisher and editor-in-chief of journal the by having a demand to retract the posted article claiming the following:
• Co-author A claims that this paper ended up being submitted to journal A by CA during her lack (maternity leave).
At the full time of distribution, CA had been a PhD pupil at an investigation centre (X).
On 21 November 2012, co-author />• Co-author A claims that she therefore the other 7 co-authors (authors B, C, D, E, F, G and H) are not informed in regards to the book in log A by CA.
• Co-author A claims that 90% associated with information presented in this paper had been acquired during work done within the laboratories at research centre X, will be the home of X, and certainly will simply be posted by an X employee and cannot be distributed or posted without X’s consent. In accordance with co-author A, CA knows of this while he finalized a agreement with centre X.
• Co-author A mentions that she recently presented an updated type of exactly the same paper to a different log. A is the corresponding author for this submission, co-author. Continue reading “Paper submitted for book without knowledge or consent of co-authors”