Based: Cape Town & Johannesburg

I have always been drawn to writing stories since I was a kid and my wordy essays would end up being examples for class from Primary through to High School. Because of this, it was no surprise that when it was time for University; I decided to turn my passion into a career.

I completed a BA Honors in Media Studies, in order to harness my craft as well as learn marketing/PR writing.

Since then, I have mainly specialized in producing content and writing for media at XCON Films and Insync Productions (four TV Shows in total). This experience has helped me to become a visual writer who always thinks about the end picture and has taught me how to write instantly captivating content. Producing for media has equipped me in always thinking about the end user/audience and putting my best foot forward to make sure that they are happy and that I get my story.

I am an asset in the content world because not only do I have an eye for great content, but also when the elements are not quite coming together, I know how to compile a narrative from very little to go with. I have worked exceptionally with cameramen and editors (in my current job) in explaining my vision as the writer but also writing good enough treatments what allow them to flourish creatively.

Furthermore, because the world has gone digital, I have stretched my abilities to digital media, by working as an online media manager at Eduze (digital content company). In this position, I was in charge of strategizing, creating content and managing all of our social media platforms. This is something I am in charge of in my current position as well; and am most proud of having a job that compels me to research episodes exploring the latest technology trends and influencers.

I always deliver hard work, highly compelling and competent original content because I am a multi-talented writer, having written for theatre pitches, TV pitches, scripts and research packs. I can’t wait to see what more the world has in store for me!


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