The institution will charge a single tax, and later on the basis of the algorithm it will be split between the Social Insurance Institution, the National Health Fund, pension funds and the state budget.

On the basis of the proposals of the Pomorskie Regional Board emerged four smart specialization Pomerania. These are: offshore technologies and port and logistics; interactive technology in an environment saturated for information; eco-efficient technologies in the production, transmission, distribution and consumption of energy and fuel and construction, as well as medical technologies in the field of lifestyle diseases and aging period. The role of the provincial government is now creating the conditions necessary for the development of smart specialization. I mean ensure – as far as real opportunities and competence – tools for business development in homework market these areas. In the last hand of EU funds province.

Pomeranian entrusted BGK more than 287 million zł. Now at the disposal managed by BGK Pomeranian Development Fund, plus 2020 is almost 430 million zł. Why is the decision to increase this pool? BGK is a professional and proven partner – the fact that we can benefit from his knowledge and expertise puts us in a really comfortable situation. However, the decision to increase spending on instruments feedback is the result of answers to the question why public support has to serve and how to make work with limited resources to the greatest effect on the economy of the province. To determine the optimal level of resources allocated for feedback instruments, we conducted a series of in-depth analyzes. The starting point was to identify challenges in the region, then the choice of areas of intervention, in which the instruments feedback will prove better than grants.

Funds will be so where commercial financing gap is greatest and will finance development projects that ensure the return of the liability. The obvious feature of the grants is the fact that the means to an end quickly, because every dollar can be used only once. Increasing the pool of support in the form of loans, guarantees and capital inputs, we provided a chance to re-use the same means: every dollar coming from repaid loans returned to the pool and can be reused. When companies from the province. Pomeranian will use the repayable instruments distributed on the basis of a new agreement with BGK? Today can apply for a microloan and Developmental loan offered by the three financial intermediaries. New products will be launched at the end of the year.

According to data from the Ministry of Development province. Pomeranian best copes with the use of the money within the ROP. From the beginning of August data shows that the region has already contracted 65 percent. available pool. They are the province, where the value barely exceeds 20 percent. Working hard in order to best use the opportunity they give us the EU funds for regional development.

The advancement of the Regional Operational Program for Pomorskie for 2014-2020 due to several reasons. Records of the result of a clear vision of development of the region and a good preparation of the programming documents. The documentation for major road and rail investment has been prepared yet funded for the years 2007-2013. A large part of the money has been directed to financial instruments in support of, among others, enterprise and urban development. Projects for example. Tourist products or vocational training have been prepared since 2013. Finally, the implementation involved is experienced and competent team, which guarantees quick decision making while minimizing risk.

Mieczyslaw Struk, Marshal of the province. Pomeranian He added also that the main problem when concluding agreements of this type of information is insufficient or simply mislead customers. While in the second case, the situation is clear and the OCCP may operate automatically, much more difficult to react in the event of misinformation client. “The most problematic are intermediate situations – when there was confusion, but there was a lack of information. Such a phenomenon requires regulatory intervention of the state – it must increase the mandatory information requirements” – stressed Jasser. See also: Prosecutors will take for polisolokaty?

Even eight years in prison for scam artists »A breakthrough in the investment policies: Fraudulent contract null and void from the beginning” Leski: Act insurance will not help, “screwed in polisolokaty ‘” Polisolokaty: The redemption value may not be providing the main »Ramotowski: Why selling us toxic razowiec» Ripped off in polisolokaty lose in court “judgment, referred to by, he gave the Regional Court in Warsaw on March 27. The court found him two contracts for insurance capital funds as void from the beginning. Also ordered the insurance company to pay the total funds provided by the customer, “as if to conclude never occurred.” Although the judgment is invalid, according to the service it gives hope for a similar outcome in similar cases. – Described loud judgment on the investment policies is an optimistic signal for people unaware of the exact conditions and design of products purchased, gave deceived by promises of potential benefits and guarantees return on invested capital. If the judgment become final, victims will be able to count on equally insightful and thorough look at the issue, as did the District Court in Warsaw – suggests Catherine Leśniewicz-Governor of the According to experts, a Warsaw court ruled that the main blame insurer and the same construction contract, in support of which he described as “incredibly deceptive.” – The essence of the problem in this case is the same as that in the opinion of the court is designed so that any, even the best information about it will not, it will become a honest – to convince the court in its ruling.

While the entrepreneur who challenged the agreement, pointed out that it was not properly informed by the insurance agent, the court acquitted the agent, because there was no evidence of its deliberate action. In his analysis also stressed that unfairly harmed by agreement designed insurance capital funds seek help not only in the courts. From the data presented by them shows that in the past five years the number of complaints to the Insurance Ombudsman polisolokaty increased from 103 to 1422 and “today they constitute nearly 10 per cent. Of all complaints reported to this office.” In addition, in 2012-2014 approx. 600 similar complaints received by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. The so-called. “Polisolokaty” is a life insurance and endowment insurance with insurance capital funds.

They are designed in such a way that a small part of the premium goes to insurance, and in most clients’ money goes to investments in mutual funds. The agreements are concluded usually for many years. These products have proven to be disadvantageous for many customers. In October last year, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection imposed on offer such products: Aegon Life Insurance Company, Idea Bank, Open Finance and Raiffeisen Bank Poland penalties worth a total of 50.4 million zł for unreliable information about the product and the rights and obligations of the parties. Payments for these accounts were made as usual and the previous amount. MEP Dariusz Rosati explains that his party does not yet know which institution will collect and distribute taxes in the new system.

Politicians of the ruling party believe that the name or structure of the new institution are not the most important. Rosati says that new competencies can receive tax offices. The institution will charge a single tax, and later on the basis of the algorithm it will be split between the Social Insurance Institution, the National Health Fund, pension funds and the state budget. AFTER expert is convinced that the organizational change will bring savings in employment. See also: The new program platform is not surprising nor revolution. It’s a testament economic »Politicians Program PO.

Some praise, others call “pork barrel” »Siemoniak convention PO: Safety Poles and Polish policy objective of the Civic Platform» Chairman of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister, Janusz Lewandowski said that the Ministry of Finance is working on a new structure. The institution is to facilitate the calculation of the workers and employers of all contributions. Civic Platform wants to introduce a contract within the next two years. The party does not have estimates of how many people can come out of the so-called gray zone. The changes do not embrace the self-employed, farmers and working on contract work.

Local authorities accuse the Ministry of National Education, he can not calculate exactly how educational subsidies should give municipalities. For many units was a real shock when at the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Finance gave them funds for education. They proved to be lower than those promised the minister. – When preparing the budget, we relied on the information on the calculation of the Ministry of the educational part of the general subsidy. While the Ministry of Finance paid us 300 thousand. zł less than we promised. It turned out that algorithms, which had increased support from the state budget for small schools, pass the reality – resentful says Dr. Robert Lisowski, Mayor of the Commune Iwanowice. – We want to verify this and see if we underestimated the subsidy, and unfortunately we have to do it on our own – he adds.

Urgent amendment of budgets Poll conducted by the DGP confirms that the same problems have other governments. Zdzislaw Kanicz, treasurer of the municipality Rybno, indicates that the Ministry has calculated the unit subsidy of approx. 7.9 million zł, while the Ministry of Finance gave 260 thousand less. zł. – by more than 100 thousand. zł decreased the predetermined amount. This decision greatly complicates the management of the community budget – complaining Monika Leather Office of commune and town Rychwale.zobacz also Homeschooling: MEN policzyło children who escaped from class “schools still unchanged. There will be no increases for teachers »Localities must give educational subsidies” Over the four-year run in rural places in kindergartens? »- Nam subsidy was reduced by more than 70 thousand. zł. For us it is very troublesome, because the schools have already allocated funds for the year – explains Barbara Gardocka, city treasurer Zambrów.

Even greater differences are seen in the large cities. Arthur Turner, treasurer of cities and villages Busko-Zdroj, informs that in case of a shortage of units is 347 thousand. zł. On the other hand Szczecin estimated his loss at 823 thousand. zł. Search Local authorities greater savings, which reduced subsidies, they admit that they will look for savings in schools. – We received about 517 thousand. zł less from the central budget. Therefore, we will have to re-examine the need for educational and reduce their expenses – says bluntly Belgrau Thomas, deputy mayor of Kartuzy. Similar actions they intend to take other units. – After lowering subsidies we have two choices, either to reduce the budgets of schools determined by a resolution in December 2014., Or find new sources of funding institutions – explains Witold Stefanski, head of department of education and culture in the Police. – Treasurer is in favor of the first solution, I second. The mayor and councilors have a hard nut to crack – he adds.

Meanwhile, the differences between the initial and final educational subsidy amount was calculated offset modernized Educational Information System. Unfortunately, too many errors and negative verified data prevented the transition to the new system already in 2014. As a result, 2016. (Including) the allocation of subsidies will continue to be made on the basis of data from the current system. Data from the modernized SIO they can be used only in the year 2017. Gift of Ministry There are also municipalities that, as it turns out, in the final settlement received more than assumed at the end of last year. This is the case, among others, in Lodz, where the subsidy was higher by 1.6 million zł, in Gdansk 4 million zł, and Wroclaw 6 million zł. – We will closely watch the municipalities with a budget surplus, whether the money will go to higher employee motivation and functional for teachers, and support staff – says Slawomir Broniarz, president of the PNA. Local government can not hold us guilty operating costs of education Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna data to calculate the initial grant based on the number of students as of 10 September 2014., The number of students and alumni of certain categories (eg.

The disabled, from sports classes, learners minority languages) and the number of FTE teachers divided into grades of professional advancement as of September 30, 2013. in contrast to the calculation of the final amount of the subsidy accepted data on the number of students and FTE teachers as at 30 September 2014. As a result of changes in the statistical data used the allocation of subsidies part of the local government received the final amount of the subsidy higher than the initial subsidy, and some – less. If a local government unit has received final subsidy lower than the initial subsidy, it may be due to several reasons. Eg. The data of 10 September 2014. Could have been inflated, eg.

In the number of elementary school students included children from kindergarten branches, which was a mistake, because these children should not be disclosed. He could also fall Di indicator, which shows the structure of employment of teachers at the various levels of career advancement. According Niechciał, which, together with the representatives of the Financial Supervision Authority and the Commissioner for Finance presented information on the situation of buyers investment policies, several weeks of UOKiK, the Polish Chamber of Insurance (PIU) and insurance companies in talks on extending the portfolio investment policies settlements reducing the fee liquidation concluded earlier by the OCCP with insurance companies. These agreements concluded by the OCCP of 17 companies, provided for example. A reduction in the fee for liquidation polisolokaty from 100-90 percent. accumulated funds to 30-20 per cent. accumulated funds.

For legal reasons, however, they did not concern all active investment policies, which is currently approx. 2 million 900 thousand. (Neither the previous nor negotiated at the moment the agreement does not apply to consumers who liquidated already policy.) “At least when it comes to the first step, I can boast of PIU and insurers, that they came to us and suggested changes. We’ll see what will come of this, but I hope that we extend these better conditions for consumers on the entire portfolio of individual insurers, “- said President UOKiK.zobacz also: Expert: You can try to recover the money from the investment policies 10 years ago» He noted that it would be best to stay at the level of settlements and “not enter into a statutory matter, while jeżeliby to the end of the year failed to conclude agreements, then it really worth it to reach for any statutory solutions “.Dodał that such a solution would entail the risk of bankruptcy, however, more insurance.” You have to remember that the radical activities so that some plants can not withstand the financial “- he said Marek this Niechciał.Ostrożność criticized in an emotional speech Jacek Leski from the association” Policies tied to. “” If someone nakradł money and must return them, and from that fall, let it fall.

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