The agony of being a woman

Dear diary,

I have just 1 questions for you;

  1. What is this ingredient in sex that makes us fall in-love?

[I mean, one day I’m fine. I got this. I can fuck and go. I don’t care. I’m wild as an eagle. Light as a paper aeroplane. Beautifully lonely as a highway on Sundays. Then, the next day – I can’t be normal. I’ve opened a Word document in my mind, and am typing an essay where I am deciphering everything that happened last night. How he kissed me on my ears. How he touched me. How he kissed me. How I ate him up. How he undressed me, slowly, gently, and then tickled me a bit before I closed the curtains. Now, my life will never be the same again. I start asking trick questions in conversations. I want to believe it was special for him too. I’m waiting for a call, a text, something! I’m thinking about moving my appointment tomorrow incase he calls and wants to see me. I’m seeing him in my future. It creeps me out too. But, he is there]

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