Being Present

“Learn from yesterday,

Live for today,

Hope for tomorrow.”


These words. This is a quote I have in my room and everyday when I am stuck, it becomes very relevant to me.

When you start to gather lessons from the things that have happened in the past, you begin to let go. This is why it is important to reflect every now and again. Not to live in the past but to reflect.

But, how do you let go? You know, I have been having a tough time with this.

Recently, I had a really bad argument with someone where toxic things were said and received, and already that day, I felt the turmoil leaving my soul. The next few weeks were mostly reflection on what happened and how I had ended up there, which means I started taking lessons and really letting go. But, the most important thing that helped me do this is that in that moment of anger and hurt, I allowed myself to be; I didn’t censor my feelings, I just blurted out everything I was feeling as I felt it. After all of that, it felt like I had just released something.

What hinders us from letting the past go is that we fail to live in the moment. It’s only when the moment is gone that we start to think about it and we get stuck in a moment that has passed and by so doing, we neglect another present moment. When you don’t live in the moment, life is basically passing you by and you are living your life catching up on these moments.

Living in the moment also means you rid yourself of the burdens of the future and you ONLY hope for tomorrow. You can really honestly hope that it will come and that it will be great. To an extent, I think this also means we must stop postponing things we can do now for tomorrow. The only time we have is now. The past is gone. Our only forever is now because the future is not guaranteed. So, why not now? Do everything you need to do now, why won’t you start singing now and want to start in the next five years when you are financially well-off and blah blah blah . . . Who is to say five years will come?

Try this and tell me how it goes!


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