Vukile breaks the guy code?

Have a break from the hustle and grind. Think about the love, sex and intimacy game. No matter how much you try to run away from it, it always catches up with you and you think, “what should I do?” Well, here’s a conversation I had with Cape Town based photographer, Vukile “Vee” where he answered questions from women to men.

Why do guys cheat?

Why do guys cheat? I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but honestly there is no reason why guys cheat. They cheat because they want to and use excuses like lack of sex, or “alcohol was the reason I cheated.”

Yes in some cases there is some truth or validity in some of the reasons, for instance if you always have to fight for you to get sex and you have had conversations with your girl about having more than 1 round a night and she just doesn’t want to do more, that might lead to you looking for it somewhere else.

What I have found is that with most girls, when they’re still trying to impress you, they will have sex with you almost every day and do the most nasty things with you, once they’ve realized that you’ve fallen for them they come up with excuses like “I’m tired,” forgetting that you have now become accustomed to what they impressed you with, and that’s where things start going south.

So in conclusion, guys don’t really have reasons to cheat, but they do, some just do it because it’s fun, some do it because girlfriend gives them a reason to. There is the option of breaking up and leaving her without having to cheat but then women start crying and we can’t stand that.

Why would you risk losing a great woman just for sex?

In most situations, we are influenced by the environment we’re in, you look at the situation and convince yourself that your girl will never find out, forgetting that she might have friends who are friends with friends of your girlfriend. Sometimes you don’t have time to assess the situation and have to make a decision on the spot, she is here right now and wants you to take her right now, and she is very irresistible and at that moment your dick is thinking on your behalf and you just want to bust a nut.

And your inner voice will whisper things like “come on, she will never find out”, we are so weak to that kinda shit.

How do you connect emotionally as men?

Not sure how we connect emotionally, we just connect as men over the simplest things like soccer, women that kind of thing.

With women it’s different from guy to guy I guess, for me it’s about whether I can see a future with you, if I feel you can make me a better person only then will I open myself up to you and make myself vulnerable to you.

vukile 3

When you say “it was just sex” do you really mean it? Like can you really sleep with a girl more than 10 times with no strings attached?

Yes, we can just have sex without getting emotionally attached to a person, there are a few girls I have slept with more than 10 times and I did not get attached. And yes a man can have sex with a woman and it will mean nothing but just sex.

Why do you leave the toilet seat up?

We don’t like surprises, lifting the toilet seat and a “floater” stares back at you, plus touching that toilet seat is gross.

When you buy booze for a woman in a club, are you expecting to fuck later?

Nope, I would be stupid to expect sex by buying someone a drink in the club. I have this rule, don’t ever buy women alcohol in the clubs unless they came with you.

When do you believe a girl should be intimate with you?

Whenever she is ready to be intimate, for me waiting doesn’t mean anything, it wont make me think she is any better than a girl that I slept with on the same day I met her. If she feels she wants me there and then, I wont judge.

What attracts you to a woman

The first thing is the eyes and the smile, then the body of course, thighs and hips of course, don’t really care much for big breast, the hump must be there of course, beautiful round ass. But that is just what will draw me to you.

What will make me stay for a while would be the way she carries herself, her speech, how she thinks, she should be able to challenge me mentally, nothing I hate more than a girl that agrees with everything I say, challenge me, let’s talk about the decisions I want to make, show me other options I should look at it before deciding.

Don’t be dull, be spontaneous, kiss me in the street if you feel like it, take charge in bed if you want some, take some, suggest stuff.

What is your favorite sex position as a man?

I would have to say it’s between missionary position and the one where she is laying flat on her stomach and I’m hitting her from behind. I know it might come as surprise but yeah, I do love experimenting though, I’ve tried about 28 other positions I’ve seen in the Kama Sutra.

Do you fake sex? ever?

Yes, I have faked sex before, there is nothing worse than having sex with someone who doesn’t know jack about sex. Don’t be stiff, if you don’t know what you’re doing then let yourself be loose and I’ll teach you things

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