5 Things A Woman Wishes To Tell A Man Before Sex

Generally, sex with men is usually an epic fail, so, Miss Afrodite writes,


1. Don’t finger-fuck me like you are pressing a Television remote control that does not work well. Be very gentle and creative. Tease my vaginal lips, stroke it softly until you feel that the clitoris is drooling for you. Play with it for a while before you put your two fingers inside me.

2. Either really go down on me or don’t even start. The “passing by” situation where you just want to tell your ego that you were there or are trying to imitate what some guy in a porn film did does not tickle my fancy. If you will go down, go all the way, lick that vagina like it’s your favourite citrus fruit and suck it the way you do a soup during winter’s cold afternoons. Play with its lips and let your tongue go as far as it can go inside it. Stay there until I come.

3. Don’t come back with your mouth dripping vaginal fluids and think that I want to taste them. No, I don’t want to eat my vagina.

4. Just because your penis is up does not mean I am also automatically horny. My body is very diligently complex and its sexuality delicately intricate; four play (and by that I mean up to an hour or more of it) is a woman’s best friend. It’s okay to make me come before you penetrate.

4. It’s not all just about you. So, if you do make the mistake of prematurely coming, you cannot suddenly fall asleep and wake up the next morning thinking that I will be ready for you. I have to come too. That’s why four play is MANDATORY.

5. Can we have long rounds where conversations, kisses and hisses occur in the right moments, like beautifully composed orchestra music? Can you play with my entire body?

One Comment Add yours

  1. A-Ton says:

    How I wish some of my friends can read this but all in all I hear u babe

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